Wedding and Events Planner Team


General Manager – Wedding and Event Planner

Competent and very determined but above all a volcano of creativity. Twenty years of experience in the field of tourism and events and the passion for her Sicily.  She  designs  and implements  any wedding and event as a “works of art”, orchestrating with creativity and precision every aspect to achieve a  perfect harmony . Her intent is to market  her land  adressing her work  to an international clientele, lover of Sicilian  style “authentic and inimitable. She Creates ties between materials, colors and shapes, studying the combinations most harmonious and elegant. Your marriage or event  will never be a replica of one already made by others. That’s  why our motto is: “If you can dream it, you can do it.”» She does not like to think of life as a something too hard, framed and concrete, preferring sometimes a touch of surrealism, a wonderland.


Creative Director

Coming from a school of Art is with the time that she discovered her passion for creating events. She believes in balance between design and organization and as if by magic … the dream becomes reality! Her main qualities? Reliability and  taste.  She has a capacity to listen and to welcome guests , that makes her a reassuring presence for the bride and groom in the realization of a dream event, taking care of every detail related especially to decorations. Her  mission is to make available her innate creativity and her experience in the world of events to “create”  customized weddings. She builds a  design project that reflects your dream ,  to create an atmosphere and memories that tell your love story. She will draw your wedding with the same passion with which she paints her paintings …


Expert in set preparation

She specializes in fashion and her natural inclination to beauty,  makes her  “flush out” in all fields, the latest trends that she turns into creative solutions in the scenic  preparation. At the base of it all , there  is the innate passion for events,  which makes her very demanding with herself and with the people with whom she collaborates. She’s always looking almost “maniacal” of  the perfection! She Manages to transform , with the help of the “team” , the desires and demands in the most unlikely wedding in magical scenery that leave you breathless.


Master Photographers

A photographer is literally a man who draws with light. Very known wedding photographer, photojournalist, author, and educator, Angelo Chiello creates images that are so rich in meaning and so expertly captured , that  they leave us breathless. Revealing overwhelming moments filled with joy and tears, as well as subtle, intimate connections, Angelo’s fine-art images,  speak volumes about what’s most important in the lives of the people he photographs. “Objective and privileged observer.” Angelo Chiello is all of  this.


Master Photographers

The strength of his images is led by a strong passion and a great experience acquired over the years and directed towards a constant search of emotions, moments, situations. With creative eyes, he manages to capture the authenticity and the magic of the history. His portraits are beautiful, the details amazing  and his ability to “capture special moments’ is simply genius. His way of telling the wedding: a photograph of introspective research and sophisticated simplicity.


Responsible food and wine selection

For years he managed projects for the development of the Sicilian food heritage. His motto is “We do not we just sell products but Sicily through the enhancement of quality products that are born in this land made of history, environment, landscape and traditions.” Personal knowledge and his passion for the rural world , the wine and food,  “fruit” of his work as manager of his Company ” Agrosection” , makes of him   a guarantee for “White Passion Sicily”, as an expert  of quality food and wine, during our events. He will pursuit  the quality, choosing food products, to be used during events, with utmost care, in order to let customers “taste all Sicilian” excellent products. It’s like to say , that a territory is known mainly through the culture of good food and its excellent products,  and that food,  will taste better if you know the land from which it comes ..


Chef for niche events

Of Sicilian origins, Joseph has extensive experience in usa and  Sicily where he works at a great restaurant. a true taste craftsman Likeable and volcanic, smiling and friendly, with its joy involves and overwhelms its guests with rich creations made of finest quality ingredients. The menus will be  of Mediterranean influence, characterized by the use of the best products that only Sicily is able to provide. A cuisine that combines the authenticity of products with a spirit of modernity. The varied range of Sicilian dishes, embellished with a touch of creativity and suggestive location chosen by the team of “White Passion Sicily”, will be able to  seduce also  the most discerning guests.

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