The LAND WHERE LEMONS GROW : Syracusa, Lentini and Catania

Meet our driver escort . Guided city sightseeing: Siracusa, splendid and magnificent, in the classic age was the richest and the most powerful among the Hellenic towns in Sicily and some archeological ruins testify the former glory.
Travel north to a particular  Garden, created when the noble  family returned to its Sicilian roots some 30 years ago. Donna Maria  , the lady of the house , welcomes us in the private Chapel and will tell us the fascinating story of the sites… It is a fascinating legend that will tell you more about Demeter , Hercules , Frederic II and the Templars , about a lake that became a garden of calm , colours and scents . A collection of succulents are intertwined with roses and jasmine; agaves and palms give structure. We are invited for a buffet lunch in the garden. We visit the estate’s organic oranges farm to discover the different varieties. The scent of the zagara is heady.
Continue  in  Catania, the second biggest town in Sicily, a true lively town with a Baroque-style charm.
Known as the the “black-city” from the dark colour of the façades of the building made by the black lava stone. Walk in the historical centre until we arrive to Palazzo Biscari the most magnificent private building in Catania. We will be received by Baroness Nicoletta .
End of our excursion

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