A culinary experience with the Duchess in Palermo

Meet our driver escort  to start the visit of Palemo.Our visits this morning includes a visit to Villa Malfitano , by special permission of the Whitaker Foundation. Villa malfitano was constructed in the late 19th century by the archaeologist , botanist , and ornithologist – Joseph Isaac Whitaker. The Villa is surrounded by gardens containing plants that Whitaker collected from all over the world. There is a marvellous variety of tropical, sub – tropical and Mediterranean plants here , including the rare blue palm Butia Capitata
10h00 It’s time to meet our chef who will take you on an adventure exploring one of Palermo’s historic markets (Il Capo, La Vucciria or Borgo Vecchio) where you will purchase all the ingredients necessary to prepare your meal. Along the way, you will also taste some of Palermo’s typical foods, such as “panelle” and “pane con la milza”.  Then enjoy a hands-on cooking class in a private house  followed by lunch.
The dishes you’ve prepared will be served with just the right Sicilian wine, and dessert accompanied by local biscotti and Sicilian dessert wine
In the afternoon we’ll continue to visit Palermo with the Cathedral, Quattro Canti square, etc. Walk through the streets of the historical center.
We’ll visit also : The Botanic garden of Villa giulia . Opened in 1795, it is perhaps one of the most important botanic gardens in Eurpe. There are many exotic plants and trees here including magnificent examples of Ficus Magnoliodes , water lilies , yuccas, aloes and cycads.
End of our excursion.
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