Discovering the history of salt and olive oil in Marsala

Meet our driver and escort and start our day excursion   exploring Marsala area .Marsala is a gorgeous city of art, rich in Punic, Roman, Norman, Arab, and Spanish heritage.  Our visit includes the archaeological museum, the former Benedictine monastery (which houses a Garibaldi exhibit), and the Cathedral.
Typical lunch  in a baglio under the olive trees, followed by an olive-oil  tasting and visit  of the resort.
And now , are you ready for a special “trip”? The coast from Marsala to Trapani is characterized by one of the landscapes most peculiar to Sicily: the saltworks…  in few words a breathtaking view.
We will reach  Mothia islet, walking to the ancient streets and visiting the Whitaker Museum, with the well known marble statue of the “Giovinetto” of Mozia dated 450 BC.
Back to the Stagnone and head to the Museum of Salt, that  recounts the different stages involved in collecting salt from the saltpans .
Have a Tasting: “There is salt and salt”. And before to go back, have an  Aperitif  in a “unique place ” that  overlooks the salt-pans. A  very charming place , especially at sunset with colours that shift from red to orange to pink.
End of our excursion.
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