Delicious TAORMINA Tour length: 8 Hours

Meet our driver and tour escort and together Meet your host, a professional local chef. Start your cooking experience with a stroll to the open market. Follow your chef and help him select the finest ingredients of the day to cook with.
Now walk inside the restaurant for your cooking class. Put on your apron as your host explains the dishes of the day and gives an introduction to the Sicilian cuisine. After cooking your three courses, take a seat in the restaurant and savour your creations with samples of wine.
Afternoon  walking tour of Taormina, beautiful town, famous for its Greek Roman Amphitheatre and its enchanting view on the Ionic Sea and Mt. Etna. Taormina has been an exclusive Sicilian hotspot, since the beginning of the 19thcentury, and is where many noble and rich families of Northern Europe spent winter due to its mild climate. Nowadays, Taormina is famous for its “Dolce Vita” life style, its beautiful beach and its shops.
We admire the Duomo , the Church of San Giuseppe and ultimately reach the Greek Roman Theatre, originally built by the Greeks and enlarged by the Romans.
End of our excursion

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