Colors , Flavors , Smells And Sounds In The Scenic South Sicily Marzamemi – Portopalo

Meet our driver escort . Departure to a small charming village of Arabic origin: Marzamemi. one of the prettiest seaside fishing villages which until today has been keeping its original colors and shapes. From its ancient “Tonnara” (tuna processing plant),to a new plant for the conservation of fish, tuna and swordfish . We will visit, and listen to a fascinating explanation: from the Phoenicians to the Greeks, the Romans and the Arabs,  in Marzamemi fish processing is a tradition in.
A walk along the sea  will lead us in a cute , little Taverna  where you can enjoy a delicious lunch of local fish..
If we follow the road south we will end up at the very southeast corner of Sicily, one of the outposts of Europe on the border with the Mediterranean and Africa : Portopalo di Capopassero . Capo Passero, on Sicily’s southernmost tip, is one of those outposts of Europe on the border with the Mediterranean and  Africa. Time has stood still in Portopalo, a village which still lives from fishing and agriculture.
Portopalo is a far off place both geographically and in terms of atmosphere and it is the ideal location to get back to Sicily as it once was, the real Sicily.
End of our excursion.

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