A Gourmet Experience in Polizzi (Madonie Park)

Meet our driver escort and transfer to Parco delle Madonie, passing through central Sicily. Arrival in Polizzi Generosa a small, medieval village, where many people still live according to the Sicilian traditions.
Have a half-day cooking lesson at the home of an authentic Sicilian family. Cooking together creates a magic bond between people and let them explore a secular cooking culture which is based on the products of the island and the ancient knowledge, handed down from one generation to another.Lunch  with our new friends.
Enjoy a walk around the historical center with an extraordinary wealth in artwork from the Norman period,.
Now it’s “dessert time” with the Sfoglio di Polizzi. This delicious pastry was probably invented in the 16th century by some local nuns.
A  special excursion will take us to the Valley of Watermills  “ Flomaria Molendinorum”. The history of the mills go back to the distant past . Visit the only water mill still working,  that is a place of memories and traditions of the ancient Sicilian peasant life .
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