Some wedding ideas

Make sure Your wedding  won’t be just another boring one —
We have super – creative ideas that will “Wow”  you and your guests , making your wedding a standout celebration.

Here some of our Top ideas

Married With Nature

If you consider yourself more of an «outdoorsy» person that enjoys biking, climbing , walking .. then «married with nature» may be perfect for you.
The ” Rocca» in cefalù for exemple is an ideal  location for you. Our territory has a few spectacular venues options and La rocca is one of those.
Choose “married with nature” and celebrate your whole day in a scenic setting you’ll never forget with a hilltop panorama .
Surprise your guests with a wedding pic-nic.
The ideal choice for couples who love nature and want to contain the budget without renouncing to be très chic.


Country Chic Wedding

The Country Chic Wedding ,it’s among the most requested styles.  Perhaps a  desire for a return to simplicity and to spontaneity, that is a research of deep elegance.
Imagine wooden tables; scented aromatic plants; color notes that recall nature : from, shades of blue reminiscent of the beauty of the sea and sky,  to intriguing notes of green, telling us about the many faces of a nature ; without forgetting the color protagonist of the year: the intriguing “Marsala” which gives a touch of passion…
Elements that ,  add , to a castle or a rustic house, a timeless atmosphere.
This is our Sicily: a warm sunset light reflected on beautiful sceneries rural or mountainous, that makes everything magical and unique.


Beetwen Heaven and Sea

Do you dream of a beach  wedding? Let us help you plan your ​ dream​ wedding ceremony or other special event here on the majestic sicilian beaches.
Few venues , like Cefalù for exemple, let you image such a mixture of sea, beach, nature and a XII century history of a wonderful town.
Disengaged and hyper romantic, the beach wedding is the dream of many.
To enjoy the privilege of celebrating the wedding, lapped by salt water and wrapped with sensational sunsets over the sea, some of our locations are  picturesque places, whose  the very special atmosphere  will repay your guests of kilometers traveled.


CIAK! You go on Stage
«Nuovo Cinema Paradiso»

If you are looking for something a bit different and want a «scenic» and original wedding  in a venue steeped in heritage, then this is the setting for you : the Sicilian Theatres!
An exemple : the beautiful and elegant stage of  the Theatre in Cefalù for civil wedding ceremonies  and the pictoresque little port as a reception  venue . For a «film wedding» on the «steps» of the Oscar’s film  «Nuovo Cinema Paradiso»
Surrounded by history and a magical atmosphere you and your love can exchange vows in one of the hidden gems of Cefalù.
You will be catapulted in the magical atmosphere of the movie “Cinema Paradiso”
We have also other theatres in Sicily that we can utilize!


A Timeless Wedding

Once upon a time, in a castle ,far, far Away in a magical land..
If you’re looking to infuse some history and culture into your wedding, we have the ultimate list of venues for you to consider.
For all the couples who want to feel like a king and a queen for a day, there is no better way a truly historical , breathtaking and stunning unique setting.
Many castles and historical places have their churches and some of them can be used for catholic weddings, while small chapels are suitable to symbolic ceremonies.
Step back in time! If you wish to be transported back to medieval times in a romantic, luxurious, elegant and timeless place we will find  the right atmosphere in one of the historical sicilian places we work with.


Wedding at the Museo

A new trend that combines the wedding with art : the museums

With a fascinating history , what sets the museums apart from any other wedding venue is that you can actually incorporate the museum’s collections into your celebrations.
An exemple : The Mandralisca Museum in Cefalù or one of the beautiful museums of palermo
There are definitely a lot of beautiful wedding locations but museums are unique.
1) Museums offer great backdrops for wedding portraits
2) Guests enjoy a one-of-a-kind wedding experience , as they mingle among masterworks
3) Brides and grooms who hold their receptions at Museums are definitely art’s lovers


A Di”vine” LOVE

Have you dreamed of celebrating your wedding on a hilltop overlooking some sicilian vineyards like the Madonie Park, On the Etna or Marsala for example ?
A winery can be the perfect setting for your beautiful and unique wedding
Our island provides the perfect backdrop for stunning photo opportunities, whether in the heart of the vineyard, atmospheric cellars or romantic country resort
Treat your guests to a truly memorable wine  experience,  with a blend of scenic views, great wine and fine meals.
The goal is to exceed your expectations.