Cefalù Wedding Destination

Imagine a beautiful, historic town in the shadow of a spectacular mountain called “Rocca” that dominates the city, lying along an enchanting coast, with a wonderful views and where you can enjoy a fantastic food that tastes  of sea and mountains (The Madonie Park ).
To travel back in time it’s just necessary to go inside one the finest  museum  of Sicily: The Mandralisca Museum,  with its fine Portrait of  ‘Ignoto Marinaio ” of   A. Messina, apotheosis of  the sicilian man .
And then, the pier of the picturesque port “il molo” from which it can be observed part of the walls of the city, with the arches that form the shelter for small fishing boats and the houses that overlook the beach. Beautiful and romantic scenery typical of a seaside town.
All this is called CEFALU’, “pearl of Sicily” and  charming and picturesque town with its maze of medieval streets and its romantic Old Town at the end of which stands the magnificent Cathedral Arab-Norman (declared  UNESCO’s site) and its precious  Byzantines mosaics  on which stands the gigantic Christ Pantocrator (chosen for its beauty as Icon of the year of the Faith during 2013).

Cefalù is a perfect destination for an intimate and refined wedding . Get married  here it  means to delight yourself  of a landscape that surrounds ,like a cloak , the charm of this romantic city,  and it’s  an ideal destination for those who still believe in fairy tales.

4 reasons to choose Cefalù as “Wedding Destination”

1°  The beauty of the area
Cefalu and the surrounding area are the perfect triptych:  Sea – Culture – Nature that is the most important “brand” of the Madonie.
2° The sun and mild temperatures
If you choose Cefalu as a wedding destination, you can enjoy a gentle breeze accompanied by a good Sicilian wine on one of the beautiful beaches or immerse yourself among the smells, sounds and tastes of the Madonie.
3° The food
The enormous wealth eno gastronomic of the territory can be enjoyed through the fresh fish and the products of the earth that give origin to unique and delicious dishes.
4° Creativity and style of our team
Your wedding will be customized according to your needs with the help of our experience and creativity. It will be, an alternative to traditional ceremonies.