A Wedding Proposal in Sicily

Planning a marriage proposal in a city other than your own might be tough.
It takes just a few hitches to mess everything up. We imagine how challenging might be arranging everything from abroad, especially because she has to remain in the dark about all the plans.

So you’ve found the person you want to spend the rest of your life with ,  but,  now you have another problem  : how—and where— to pop the  question.
SICILY  is an   ultra-seductive destination  — with exclusive locations and  upscale landscapes — and you  can be sure to win your love

The choice of a location  is paramount—and as every aspiring spouse should know, some scenarios capture the mood better than others.
Certain classics, of course, stand the test of time: the sunset stroll along a deserted beach; the postcard moment in front of an iconic backdrop; the candlelit dinner at a chic restaurant.
But how to narrow down the list (and avoid becoming stuck in a cliché), given this is a story you’ll be telling for the rest of your life?

Creativity is key!
And this is our secret:  with some of the most breathtaking locations —including a few hidden “gems” —

Whether you have a high or low budget it will not be a problem , because each of our favorite setting is packed with enough romance to  guarantee the right answer.
Now all you have to do is just choose the ring..
We’ll take care of organizing the rest

Basic Proposal

You can choose a Basic proposal  from our list: whether it is a sunset picnic, romantic room hotel decoration or the private dinner.
You can also customize it with the photographs of you and her as well as the theme color that you know she likes the most.
Whether you dislike planning details or just don’t have the time, this package is designed to assist you.

Package Price: Starts from 500 € 

Luxury Proposal

Let’s create the most unique and memorable proposal of your own style!
​We will make your dream comes true. Our team do ALL from zero till the happy ending.
This includes arranging everything from unlimited ideas generating to sophisticated preparation, making sure your wildest dream proposal goes smoothly as planned on your most important day!

Package Price: Starts from 1,500 €