Castelbuono: An Enigmatic Place Where A Biological, Geological, Cultural And Historical Heritage Converges

Type of tour: Day Tours and Shore Excursions
Name: Castelbuono: An Enigmatic Place Where A Biological, Geological, Cultural  And Historical Heritage Converges
Tour length: 8 Hours
Depart from: down your ship or Hotel
Tour Code: CASTELB


Meet your driver escort and departure for Castelbuono
Our first stop is  Piano Pomo with its “monumental trees”, more than 300 hundred years old. You’ll feel like being in the magic forest of Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night Dream”.  Among the  vegetation , we can find a lot of endemic species , such as  Nebrodi Fir (Abies nebrodensis ).
And now an Highlight : Learn about beekeeping in the Madonie Park .. Discover honey, Propolis , royal jelly , pollen.
A sensory lesson and tasting of several different kinds of honey to learn and recognize smells and honey “ color”
Lunch / tasting : The  Madonie cusine with  typical  dishes ,  some of which made with honey.
Walk around  the medieval streets of Castelbuono to recount the architecture and to portray glimpses and ancient crafts with  a photographer
Inside the heart of stone : the catacombs of the Matrice Vecchia  and the  castle built  by the noble Ventimiglia family in the 14th century.
Our visit  would not be complete without tasting the  famous Fiasconaro’s Panettone.
End of our excursion.

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